Politerm Acid Resistant Valves

logo.jpg Politerm Valves have are acid resistant body. They also have good mechanical property, solid structure, durability, simple quick mounting and maintenance. They are made from high quality POLITERM materials (PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, PDFE…).

Maximum working temperature is up to 80° C, and maksimum working pressure is about (6÷10)bar. Stadndrad diameters are up to DN 100 mm,  and on demnad up to DN 150 mm.

Ordering: For ordering it s necessary to define valve type or  type, concentracion, and temperature of fluid, way of joining (welding, flange, pipe thread …)

Use: They are using for chemical, paper, alimentary, leather, textile industry implementation; also galvanizing plant industry, neutralization of water process, etc…

logo.jpg PoliTerm valve WITH BOWL (picture and cross section)
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logo.jpg PoliTerm valve WITH CHOCK (picture and cross section)