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eng-bruxelles.jpgMACHINE PLASTICS
Manufacure POLITERM machine plastics has been dating since 1989. year. Manufacure has started in Croatia and Slovenia, below commercial title “SIPAS” and “KOTERM”. At this time in SERBIA with occurrence at BELGRADE, below commercial title “PoliTerm”.cog

We are manufacuring semifinished, finished products from plastics. Also on order products. Our basic semifinished products are RODS, PLATES, TUBES. We can made lot kind of machine parts. All machine parts, we made from our semifinished products.

You have opportunity, for special demands. We can help you, about ideally solution and designing.

Our product line has flat assignment at following industrial department:

01.jpgprocessing industry,
alimentary industry,
matellurgy of iron industry,
textile industry,
woody industry,
foot-wear and leather industry,
rolling stock industry,
industry of agricultural machines,
mining industry,
consrtuction industry (cement plants),
ship-building industry,